Madi's Place, Inc - Developmental Leadership Training Program
About Us
Madi's Place is of Old English origin, which is the meaning of Madison and "son of the mighty warrior and "short for Madison".  M is for making.  A.  D is for difference.  I is for In.  S is for society.  Madi carries with it the meaning of a committed, dependable and trustworthy relationship.  Madi's Place takes a faith-based approach when working with our children and families and then integrating them into the community.  It is this beginning of a relationship that is going to make the difference in the lives of many foster children.
Madi's Place, Inc. was founded in Harford County on December 31, 2013 as a non-profit public service organization.  During its beginning, Madi's Place caring and compassionate staff and communities of families will help all children to begin a new life.  Harford County is a county in the state of Maryland and was formed in 1773 from the eastern part of Baltimore County.  Harford County also forms part of the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area.  With surrounding cities, Madi's Place can provide services to numerous counties.
Madi's Place now offers many programs to children. To better represent the support and services the organization offer, Madi's Place will provide different services to all our children.  Our current programs include Education and Support Groups, Psychotherapy Groups, Social Skills, and Mentoring.
The organization works in coordination with county social service agencies who remove children from their homes due to neglect, abandonment, abuse, delinquency, guardian absence, or voluntary placement. The county refers children to agencies like Madi's Place for placement in a program that will best meet their needs. When Madi's Place receives a telephone call for placement of a child, our staff and county placement worker assess their needs to determine the most appropriate home or program.
When a child is placed in Madi's Place, a certified home, the organization provides care for the safety of the child, 24-hour support services by professional level social work staff, continuous specialized training, and support for all the child's psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. The duration of time a child is in a home is usually determined by the initial assessment of the child. The length of time children are in placement can vary from short-term, up to six months, to long term, up to several years, in addition to guardianship or adoption.
Madi's Place works diligently to serve as the voice of and information source for our families, children, staff, and counties. Madi's Place strives to be better informed, managed, governed and represented at all levels of care with strong, vibrant and diverse programming.
Family is the cornerstone of society and our primary focus. Our commitment is exemplified by optimism, resilience, discipline, determination, hard work and unconditional love.