Madi's Place, Inc - Developmental Leadership Training Program
Mission and Beliefs
Our mission is dedicated to providing a warm, welcoming, and well-structured home for boys ages 12-18 with an emphasis on education, responsibility, social consciousness, achieving goals, and inspiring youth to make sound choices by taking the lead in life to become successful and by reaching their dreams.
In achieving our mission, Madi's Place, Inc. and family services is guided and governed by the following beliefs:
·  Our high-quality treatment foster care and adoption services are the foundation of our program.
·  Our professional and confidential manner in which we engage children, youth and their families exemplifies our concern, respect and compassion for those we serve.
·  Our cooperative partnerships with the counties which we serve maximize a child's chance to live productively in a family within the community.
·  Our staff and treatment foster parents are our greatest asset and the source of our success.
·  Our commitment to working collaboratively with existing community resources provides the greatest network of services available to children and youth.
.  Our foundation is based on our staff's integrity and diligence towards excellence.